Geffrey's Belt

Animation / Logos


Amazing London director Tom Bacon approached us with his latest short film, ‘Geffrey’s Belt’, excited to add some animation to the opening title sequence. The belt in the film, Geffrey’s belt, is a crucial element in the storyline and therefore became our obvious choice for animation. We conceptualized the idea with Tom that we’d make the film title build by using a multitude of various brown leather belts, and match the end shape to that of the font chosen for the film poster.

At first the concept of animating multiple belts to form the film title seemed a somewhat simple idea, but we quickly found out that animating such a task purely by hand got ever increasingly complex the more belts we added. Because we did not run this as a dynamics simulation or calculate collision data for the belts, we had to pay very close attention to where they were going at all times! By the time we had all 70 belts moving and twisting into position, it was like herding snakes!