We’ve animated some well know characters over
the years, and have been the creative team behind
many successful brand character icons.

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Firefly Brand House takes care of brands
and brand characters for startup businesses and
global big name brands alike.


We’ve been branding and animating characters
for many successful brands and companies
througout the years. This trust in our passion and
creativity has rewarded us with a fantastic
work ethic and allowed us to
partner together.


Imagine a Kingdom the size of a vegetable patch. A Kingdom filled with tiny creatures that laugh, talk, invent, unite and conquer. They inhabit our streams, forests, rock pools and icy glades. From a ‘fly on the wall’ lens perspective, we see them invent fortresses with amazing engineering, harnessing their knowledge of physics and mechanics to build elaborate structures from twigs, grasses & stones. Find more of the story at the Big Kingdom website.